Modular into modular


I’m wondering if it’s possible to have modular pages into my modular template.
It’ll look like this (it’s a curriculum vitæ page):

Page : Modular

| ---- |

Part1 : markdown content - presentation
Part2 experiences :

subpart 1 : experiences 1 : template + content
subpart 2 : experiences 2 : template + content

Part3 : markdown content

Is it possible (for now, what I tried doesn’t work) ? Is it a good way to use Grav ?
Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance

If the question is, have submodulars


the answer is no, not out of the box.

OK, so I’m not that crazy.

I made it work an hour ago with

{% for module in page.collection() %}
   {% include 'modular/subpart.html.twig' with {'page': module} %}
{% endfor %}