Viewcounts - see pageviews per page


I’m using the viewcounts plug-in, but now I’m looking into how to display the “viewcounts” per page.

With a for key, value in viewcounts I get all the data in my page, but I don’t know how to get the value (viewcounts) for the page I’m currently viewing in my browser.

Anyone an idea?

I tried a lot of possible things like:
{% if viewcounts %}
viewcount : {{ viewcounts.getName(data) }}
{% endif %}

{{ viewcounts|first }} – this gives me the first, but I want the count of the page I’m visiting

{{ viewcounts(value) }} or {{ viewcounts(page.route) }} or {{ viewcounts(data) }} or {{ }} …

I tried the key (data) or the slug (page.route) or the value directly, but so far no luck.

Anybody a clue how to get the correct value for the page.route slug?

The data file is:
/: 28
/blog/sunshine-in-the-hills: 91
/blog/focus-and-blur: 48

The dump is:

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it works for me:

{% for route,view in viewcounts %}
    {% if route == page.route() %}
        <p>count view: {{ viewcounts[route] }}</p>
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}


Thank you, I’ll try out your solution.


This work very good for totally viewcount of the page but there is a way to show also the count per day?

Thanks a lot.