The names of links in "count-views" (plugin)

Sorry in advance for my bad English. I’m trying to make a “popular pages” section. I use the count-views plugin and it works, but using it by instruction, I only get the url and count, but don’t get the page title. The instructions for the plugin in the form of an example specified:

{% for route,views in viewcounts|sort|reverse|slice(0,10) %}

{% endfor %}

But it is clear that from viewcount we ask only route and views.
Please tell me how to get the page title, so I can do a full block “popular pages”.
For full understanding:

{% if config.plugins['count-views'].enabled %}      
    <div class="sidebar-content">
        {% for route, views in viewcounts|sort|reverse|slice(0,8) %}
            {% if  route != "/" and route != "/error" %}
                <a href="{{ route }}">{{ views }} : {{ }}</a><br>
            {% endif %}
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

In the array viewcount only views and count, as I bind to each row