Using grav for api documentation

Has anybody used grav for documenting APIs? I’m on a project that wants to produce a manual which has a hybrid menu of normal menu items with an api section, as done with at, as in the following screenshot:


The main thing is to be able to recreate the nice coloured representation of the GET/PUT/POST endpoints in the menu.

Within the API sections themselves, I would also want to be able to display example code in tabbed boxes that enable switching languages, as in the following screenshot:


Has anybody attempted something similar? Or would somebody suggest a recommended approach for tackling this? Could it be done with some minor adjustments to RTFM?

The RTFM skeleton might be perfect for your needs.:
it provides tabbed code boxes and is totally similar to what is used for Grav’s documentation section:

I have used RTFM in its basic state for some ‘traditional’ manuals.
How do I activate the tabbed code boxes?
Would you know how I might adjust the display of APIs in the menu so that they are different to normal page items?

Never tried RTFM skeleton, but a look at the source code seems to indicate that

<div class="tabs-wrapper ui-theme-badges top-left">
    <ul class="tabs-nav">
                    <li class="current"><a href="#36ccda18f50" rel="tab">Markdown</a></li>
                    <li ><a href="#36ccda18f51" rel="tab">Twig</a></li>
                    <li ><a href="#36ccda18f52" rel="tab">HTML Code</a></li>
    <div class="tabs">
            <div class="tab" id="36ccda18f50">
<pre><code>![Some ALT text](sample-image.jpg "My title") {.myclass}</code></pre>
            <div class="tab" id="36ccda18f51">

<pre><code>{{['sample-image.jpg'].html('My title', 'Some ALT text', 'myclass') }}</code></pre>

            <div class="tab" id="36ccda18f52">
<pre><code><img title="My title" alt="some ALT text" class="myclass" src="/images/0/3/0/0/9/0300931b1b21ad420cf65a37c4089bc68e306a36-s ample-image.jpeg" /></code></pre>

will generate appropriate tabbed code boxes.
It’s probably available with shortcodes, or if it is not, you can probably make your own! hope it helps!

Thanks I’ll try and work with that! If anybody could help re the api menu items, that would be brilliant :slight_smile:

Why not use your own icon, and add it to, for example, icomoon ?

The issue with the menu is that I would need to have conditionals to switch to whatever solution (icomoon, fontawesome or just css) I use for an API menu item.
I have a very, very ugly semi-solution in that I have changed the colour of the font in the frontmatter:

title: <span style="color:red">GET </span>Client Initialization
    category: docs

Which gives me the following:


I would be able to adjust the css to make an api menu item, but I wouldn’t know how to introduce a conditional to implement it

I have achieved the tabbed code box functionality very easily by using the shortcodes-ui plugin
Very easy, just a 5 minute install and go!

good job!