URL Structure? Routing? /category/tag/filename-of-md-file.html

We quite new to Grav and we are looking to control URL structure and would like to use the above example as follows;


I’m assuming this is going to be a feature of the routing from my reading but I’m not real sure how to get it working.

  1. How do I setup the Route file to use the Category and Tag as the folder struture.
  2. How would our folder structure be on the disk?
  3. I think we need to make the .md file routable = true
  4. How do we have the file name read from the md file name?

We were designing our own CMS but when we found Grav we stopped development and hope in the future to help with development on Grav instead.

Thanks in advance guys!

So we find a partial solution with the slug tag for those who follow in our footsteps. Hope this helps.