Upgrade Grav to a specific version

I can’t find if Grav can be upgraded specifically to a definite version. For version 1.6, the documentation only says that “self-upgrade (…) allows (…) to update Grav to the latest available version”, but I would like to be able to explicitly state a version and not use automatically the latest available one.

Indeed, due to the numerous successive recent changes, I would like to check plugins interoperability and themes compatibility step by step on a local installation and not directly have to deal with the most recent release.

@gizmecano, I don’t think you can use bin/gpm selfupgrade to upgrade to a specific version, but you can download a zip of any version using: e.g. https://getgrav.org/download/core/grav/1.7.1

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Doesn’t upgrading with a script from 1.6. to 1.7 run some tasks to make it work? Or /user folder is still left untouched and it doesn’t matter how you upgrade?

Indeed, I was aware that it is still possible to update directly from an archive, but thank you for calling it back to improve this thread.

My idea was rather to know if it was possible to use the command line interface, like what exists for Composer. For example, after the version 2 was released, it was still possible to continue updating the old version by executing composer self-update --1.

@Karmalakas, Indeed, it does run some tasks. E.g. when upgrading from 1.6 to 1.7 the upgrade process will enable Twig compatibility settings in ‘system.yaml’ to prevent breaking changes when using older themes/plugins:

  autoescape: false
  twig_compat: true

However, IMHO, this defies the ‘autoescaping’ in Twig which was implemented for security reasons. I think Grav 1.7 should have been named 2.0 and positioned as a major upgrade because of the breaking changes.

Now people upgrade without hesitation with auto-switched off security measures in Twig.

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@gizmecano, You might consider writing a good use-case and request a new feature for bin/gpm at github.

Following your suggestion, I created a feature request in the development repository.

Using the command bin/gpm direct-install <url> or the Admin panel allow to point to a specific version as explained in this comment.

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