Gpm self-upgrade doesn't see 0.9.22

The self upgrader worked great from 0.9.20 to 0.9.21. Running it again now and it doesn’t see 0.9.22:

myacct@serv01 [~/www/grav]# bin/gpm self-upgrade
You are already running the latest version of Grav (v0.9.21) released on Tue Apr 7 15:13:48 2015

It caches data for 24hrs. Try bin/grav clear --all

Then the gpm command again.

Well… almost but not quite, below is what I got, any ideas?

myacct@serv01 [~/www/grav]# bin/grav clear --all

Clearing cache

Cleared: cache/*

Touched: /home/myacct/public_html/grav/user/config/system.yaml

myacct@serv01 [~/www/grav]# bin/gpm self-upgrade
Grav v0.9.22 is now available [release date: Wed Apr 8 13:39:27 2015].
You are currently using v0.9.21.
Would you like to read the changelog before proceeding? [y|N] n
Would you like to upgrade now? [y|N] y

Preparing to upgrade to v0.9.22…
|- Downloading upgrade [NAN]… 0%

Error while trying to download ‘’

self-upgrade [-f|–force] [-y|–all-yes]

I can reproduce and have some fixes in a feature branch on github. However, those won’t help you I’m afraid. I suggest downloading the update manually and copying over your install:

That’s cool, glad it’s coming in an eventual update. Thanks for working on it!

Yah you’ll have to manually update to the next version too. The next release will have the fixes in, but until you have them (via update) you wont be able to update. Annoying!

lol no problem. manual update goes just fine. I’m just trying to dig in and test everything. I found Grav the only other day while CMS hunting, I’m in love with it and I am trying to justify it’s use at work for a specific project on my plate.