Update v1.1.17 failed


I have a Grav install on local, running on wamp, version v1.1.16.
I tried to update my install via the command :

php bin/gpm selfupgrade -f

It downloaded successfuly the files, then I got this message :

rmdir(C:/wamp/www/grav/vendor): Directory not empty

And if I try to go on my website, I got this message

Please run: bin/grav install

What should I do ?
Should I install it from fresh ?

I’m a bit lost…
Thank you for your help,


Might be a permission issue. Try removing the vendor/ folder and run bin/grav install

Well, it worked !
I was scared that it could erase my theme and my pages, but it didn’t.

Thank you very much !

The vendor folder contains some libraries used by Grav.

All the site-specific stuff (theme, plugins, pages, configuration…) lives under the user folder.

Thank you for taking the time to explain to me !
So, to make a long story short, if I update or re-install Grav, it won’t, never, touch the user folder ?