Update Twig Version?

Hi all,
according to /vendor/twig/twig/src/Environment.php, currently Twig 1.44.7 is in use. Is that correct? If so, are there any plans to upgrade to latest release 3 ?
Many thanks

@Kai23, Only the dev team will know… Issues · getgrav/grav · GitHub

Sure, thanks @pamtbaau! Reason for my question is: Some years ago I used Grav quit happily before I switched to another system. Now I want to give Grav another try, seeing lots of professional tools around etc. But

So I wonder whether migrating to Grav is good step now. I know it’s free, thanks a lot for the developers! And it’s fine to release no new major as long as current version runs fine. But I just wonder whether it’s a good step to migrate to Grav now, or what for the next major release with new twig and probably lot of migration work… So its currently difficult to choose the correct next framework / system, but I understand that it’s also difficult to get information about next steps (and dates) of grav.

@Kai23, If you are a professional developer I can understand your hesitation…

According to this reply (albeit an old reply) on Roadmap for Grav

Most of the features listed above have already been implemented, but we decided to do smaller releases (1.6, 1.7) instead of going directly to 2.0. I have already started playing with 1.8 by updating all the libraries and looking at what fails. It may be later renamed to Grav 2, depending on how we want to tackle the backward compatibility.

Not sure if I’m looking at the right branch, but the latest commit to feature/v1.8 dates from Aug 2022.

I would like to encourage you to ask on their repo for a fresh statement from the dev team on Grav 2.0 and current development progress.

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