GRAV stuck on 1.2.4?

Hi, been a while since GRAV 1.2.4 and Admin 1.4.2
Something wrong in development, admin(s) gone? Especially rhukster. Quit?

Nothing is wrong, and Grav is moving onto 1.3.0 soon. As you can see in the CHANGELOG, it has been through three large release candidates, and a new one or 1.3.0 is incoming. The same is through for admin. In its CHANGELOG you can also see three large release candidates.

As Ole said, Grav 1.3.0 is on the way. And development on Grav 2.0 started too. More than one month between releases can look unusual for Grav (considering the usual fast release cycle), but you don’t need to worry. A look on GitHub and you can see that Grav is more active than ever.

Also, there’s a thing to be said for slower but substantial releases rather than rapid-fire releases of the minor- and patch-type that are not explicitly critical bugfixes. The speed of releases is why I, and I would suspect a lot of others, left WordPress behind. Other than to indicate development, which is immediately apparent from the repository, there is no real need to push releases out where they might as well be delayed for QA.

Per the blog post at the end of March, Grav will have more minor releases than patch ones going forward. However, as noted, unnecessary releases are more of a hassle to users than accumulated ones with clear improvements. Updating an installation is a hassle at best, a hazard at worst, and presenting a clear value to upgrading is a good thing - hence several release candidates prior to a release is a good thing.

glad to hear everythings ok.
sure, quality is number one.
though, in my view grav releases/development have been much faster than wordpress until now. (btw, I didn’t use wp before)

BTW, just set your gpm.releases setting to testing and you can keep up with the RC releases.