Update Shortcode UI

The update Shortcode UI resulted in the collapse my site! Well there is an automatic backup. I was sweating)))

Issue is already discussed in repo:

It’s because of Gravstrap that uses same accordion name/shortcode
Hope it gets solved…

Not proper system updates. One mistake can cost the health of many sites.

Yes, unfortunately a class of class names in the same namespace is a PHP fatal error. This is usually very rare, but I didn’t realize another 3rd party plugin had the same shortcode name! I’ll update and re-release.

FYI, i’ve released an update to shortcode-ui plugin to avoid this conflict with Gravstrap.

I’ve also changed every shortcode name in Gravstrap plugin to ensure it’s prefixed with Gravstrap as there are lots of very generic shortcode names in that plugin that can/will cause problems with other more generic shortcodes: https://github.com/giansi/gravstrap/pull/27

This will stop these Gravstrap conflicts going forward.

Hope Giansimon Diblas will correct and release soon.
He hasn’t been here for a long time…no responses on issues…last updates on themes/plugins 6 months ago.