Shortcode-core plugin seems uncompatible with form plugin

Hi, I am trying to use the shortcodes in markdown, but when I activate the shortcode-core plugin, I am unable to see the form that I set up using the form plugin. It looks like the only forms I can use while the shortcode plugin is active is simple_form. Is there a way around it so I can have the form plugin to work along the shortcode without using simple_form?

Are you using simple_form or form plugin… They are two different ones:

As far as I know simple_form is no longer supported. While the official form plugin is:

Hello rhukster,
I may have to give more details concerning the problem I encounter : I am using the form plugin. Everything worked fine, but since I installed the gravstrap plugin my form no longer shows on the page. After doing some tests I realized that I have to unisntall the shortcode-core plugin (that is needed for the gravstrap plugin to work) and when I do so, my form shows up again. I have not looked into the PHP/configuration of these plugins in depth, but maybe there is a compatibility issue between these two plugins (shortcode-core and form)? I am not using the simple_form and in itself it is not directly related to the problem I describe, I just noticed that along with gravstrap, simple_form is part of the components installed (we can see it on the folder gravstrap emplates\vendor\simple_form.html.twig). So I was wondering if the shortcode-core plugin supports only simple_form.

I think what it is, is that gravstrap plugin is providing a simple_form.html.twig template, nothing more. shortcode-core is a plugin I wrote, and it really has nothing to do with form plugin. If there is a conflict, it’s not on purpose, i’ve just never really tested form and shortcodes on the same page.

Gravstrap (developed by someone else) is a custom shortcode plugin to render certain things in a bootstrap-friendly way, it requires shortcode-core to provide the core shortcode functionality. I know these work together just fine because i’ve seen the demo :slight_smile:

Maybe you should create an issue on that plugin’s issue tracker as it sounds like after installing that, things had problems:

Hello rhukster,

i had time to test and continue my development again, and I found out that the incompatibility I have only occurs in the theme. My site has in fact two themes that I set up with the themer plugin, and I use in the home page only. As soon as I set up a form in any other theme, the problem no longer occurs. In my case I just created a form in another page using a theme I created, so no worries :slight_smile: Shotcodes work as a charm!