Update 1.3.10 errors after upgrade from 1.3.8

Since the update, i experience very slow loading times and also the “Crickey! There was an error…” all the time, i first of all got an error saying that there was a .yaml file missing in gantry 5 framework, so i figured changing theme would probably be a good idea to make the page content show untill i can clone the page and figure the error out, but it seams that im still getting the “Crickey! There was an error…” message all the time, not only in every theme i choose but in all the newly installed themes. at the moment im looking to make a fresh install and just copy the parts of the current setup to the new one to make it visible again. any advice? i have the page still running: https://mspot.nu/

Oh damn, it seams that there is a error on my side, my drive just broke down on me :open_mouth: Thank god for backups xD it’s back up and running from my second setup xD

There was definitely an issue with 1.3.8, but the problem was reverted and everyone seems to be having no issues with 1.3.10.

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Yes, apparently my hdd broke down on me, this was not due to grav it self, all my pages got all kinds of errors, files were missing and lets not even speak about my apache log ^^ it’s all good now tho except “Template “revisions.html.twig” is not defined.” in plugin revisions. starting new thread about it tho to not get off topic.