Crickey! 404 error page issues

Hey, Grav CMS Forum users,

I am absolutely loving re-building my site in Grav CMS (Drupal -> WP -> Craft CMS -> Grav CMS). I’m pretty set with everything, one thing I can’t seem to figure out though.

When browse to a non-existent page, I want my website visitor to get a webpage that I design for the 404 error. The thing is - my install, running on Heroku (and also exhibits the same behavior locally with ‘php -S localhost:8080 system/router.php’ with php 5.6), always throws an exception. You can see it here At first I thought that my htaccess wasn’t right, but, I’m able to see all my other pages so I thought there wouldn’t be a routing issue. I then read about /error and that Grav looks for it to be displayed - and thought that I needed to create that page first, but that didn’t help. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong :slight_smile:

I’d love some suggestions for other things to try - thank you!


@dinos, simply install the error plugin:

$ bin/gpm install error

After that you can create a custom error page:

@rhukster - You’re awesome. That fixed my issue - seriously appreciate the help!