UniteGallery not showing entire gallery

I have included 20 jpgs in a gallery. When it renders I only see 16 jpgs and the top of all jpgs on the top row are cut off.

Is UniteGallery supported and updated as a Grav plugin?


Sounds like a theme vs plugin problem to me but we have almost no details by which we could begin to help you. Looks like antimatter theme?

I’ve been messing with that plugin lately and I don’t think it’s very flexible (partly also the library it uses) or actively maintained. (From top of my head.) I am considering looking for another JS gallery library to make a plugin around.

Thanks for getting back in touch. I had been using Quark. I switched to Antimatter this afternoon and the gallery pages started behaving. The top row of images whole. The navigation was still missing but there was at least some progress. At least I can now move on with some confidence now.

Fred Appleton

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