Ui Libraries Plugin doesn't show in admin panel

Ui Libraries Plugin doesn’t show in admin panel. I’ve installed it using gpm like so:

bin/gpm install ui-libraries

I followed the readme file to the letter; also made sure the required dependencies were installed.
the debug console also tells me its installed. Copied and checked the yaml file in config/plugin.

enabled: true
enabled: []
libraries: [“jQuery UI”, “Bootstrap”, “UIKit”, “Pure.css”, “Skeleton”, “Base”, “Foundation”, “HTML5 Boilerplate”, “Ink”, “Materialize”, “Semantic UI”]
include_in_footer: false

I tried several clases of the ui libraries this plugin links to, but no go.

any ideas are welcome

Seems Like it’s a bug, if you try it through the admin panel (which does show if you click the +add button), it installs, but actually doesn’t install since the option to install is still available. I’ll create an issue for this in the repo! thanks :slight_smile:

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Got it working by:

  • adjusting to Apache user for the user/plugins/ui-libraries folder and content
  • rename ‘grav-ui-libraries.yaml’ (.php) to ‘ui-libraries.yaml’ (.php)
  • copy ui-libraries.yaml to user/config/plugins/
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