Asset collections in system.yaml bug?

In system.yaml i’ve added

- ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.css’
- ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.js’
- ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit-icons.min.js’

This works correct.

BUT if i change a random setting through the admin panel and save it, the collecion has changed and it looks like

‘uikit[0’: ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.css’
‘uikit[1’: ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.js’
‘uikit[2’: ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit-icons.min.js’

and this brakes the template/site…

Am i doing something stupid/wrong or is this some kind of a bug ?

This looks very much like a bug, could you file an issue at the Admin-plugin repo?

I just wanted to be sure, so i’ve just downloaded the Grav+Admin package installed it clean on my webserver.
Created a user, logged in, cleared the cache, checked for updates, and only add the


  • ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.css’
  • ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.js’
  • ‘system://assets/uikit/uikit-icons.min.js’
    under collections: in my system.yaml

didn’t even bother to place the uikit files or anything else/extra in the correct location.

Went to the configuration/assets page in the admin plugin, and see the added uikit assets presented as
uikit[0] system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.css
uikit[1] system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.js
uikit[2] system://assets/uikit/uikit-icons.min.js

Just pressed save, and this again changed to
uikit[0 system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.css
uikit[1 system://assets/uikit/uikit.min.js
uikit[2 system://assets/uikit/uikit-icons.min.js

So i’m convinced it’s a small but for me anoying bug.
I’ll try to file this issue like you suggested.


Confirmed its a bug, and requires a special field that is flexible enough to handle nested elements. I’ve replied on the github issue.