Twig Template Paths


I try to make a new plugin, but i can’t collect his template.

The code is really minimalist and there is no other files than files created by devtools (SSH) and the folder “templates/single-product.html.twig”.
However, the template doesn’t appears when i try to create a page with this template.

I rode a lot of similar topics and docs but i do not have more idea.

Thank you!

    namespace Grav\Plugin;

    use \Grav\Common\Plugin;
    use RocketTheme\Toolbox\Event\Event;

     * Class ModelePlugin
     * @package Grav\Plugin
    class ModelePlugin extends Plugin
         * @return array
         * The getSubscribedEvents() gives the core a list of events
         *     that the plugin wants to listen to. The key of each
         *     array section is the event that the plugin listens to
         *     and the value (in the form of an array) contains the
         *     callable (or function) as well as the priority. The
         *     higher the number the higher the priority.
        public static function getSubscribedEvents()
            return [
                'onTwigTemplatePaths' => ['onTwigTemplatePaths', 0]

        public function onTwigTemplatePaths()
            $this->grav['twig']->twig_paths[] = __DIR__ . '/templates';