Ability to use Twig namespaces in templates {% include `@name/test.twig' %}

Does anyone have insight being able to use twig namespaces in templates?

I have been working on a plugin that hooks onTwigTemplatePaths and am able to addPath() to register a namespace. It also seem to return the paths in that namespace when i use getPaths(). But in grav I get:

Template "@atoms/test.twig" is not defined in "default2.html.twig" at line 1.

So it seems like grav isn’t registering or checking for @ as a namespace indicator.

   public function onTwigTemplatePaths(Event $e)
  $config = $this->config->get('plugins.twig-namespaces');

  if (array_key_exists("namespaces", $config)) {
    $namespaceLoader = new Twig_Loader_Filesystem(array());

    foreach ($config["namespaces"] as $namespace => $item) {
      foreach ($item["paths"] as $path) {
        $namespaceLoader->addPath($path, $namespace);


then i have a plugin config file twig-namespaces.yaml

enabled: true
      - user/themes/pinterest-lab/templates/01-atoms
      - user/themes/pinterest-lab/templates/01-atoms/test

I’m not sure if I my $namespaceLoader needs to be registered with the changes.
This is on similar work here: https://github.com/EvanLovely/plugin-twig-namespaces/blob/master/src/PatternLab/TwigNamespaces/PatternLabListener.php#L31
but not finding how to do addLoader() and have it recognize the name space.

I’ve added namespaces support in latest develop branch of Grav. You need to use Twig::addPath($path, $namespace)