Setting up Grav on shared hosting

I have been struggeling setting up Grav on my shared hosting account.
I use Directadmin on PHP7, the server is probably running Ubuntu.

I’ve managed to get Grav installed by using SSH, unfortunately I do have some errors.
To make it clear: I have NO experience with using command lines at all.
The website worked until I’ve updated some plugins, I do believe I am missing some PHP modules and/or Grav files.

I currently have the following error:
The “Grav\Plugin\AdminTwigExtension” extension is not enabled in “dashboard.html.twig” at line 1.

After receiving this error, I’ve manually uploaded the Twig Extension to the plugins folder.
Could someone help me out and get Grav installed properly?

Best regards,

Through the shell, from the Grav root folder, type bin/gpm selfupgrade to make sure you’re running the most recent version of Grav. Then run bin/gpm update to update your plugins. See if that fixes it. If it doesn’t do bin/gpm uninstall admin and then bin/gpm install admin to reset the Admin plugin. Then let’s see if you get different errors.

that AdminTwigExtension error is caused by cache being out of date. You can simply clear the cache via CLI if you can’t reach the admin. Alternatively a quick way to clear the cache is to simple make a small edit to user/config/system.yaml. This will trigger the cache to be cleared.

That helped, thank you!