Turn off pagination?

I’m modifying the Bootstrap theme in the Blog skeleton and I’m having a hard time turning off pagination. There are seven posts in the skeleton, but I can only get 5 to show at any point. I’ve changed a bunch of files:

enabled: false


    count: 100

I’ve also removed the pagination block from base.html.twig. I think I’ve hit everything mentioned in the docs…have I missed something else?

Ok, nevermind…I forgot about the blog.md file included with parameters. It’s working now. Perhaps it should be added somewhere?

I think the Bootstrap theme is a bit out of date compared to the default Antimatter theme which has had many updates and fixes. It really needs to be gone through and compared and updated with its Antimatter counterpart.

I have simply not had time to do this.

No worries. I’m still learning as I go, and I didn’t think to check for overrides in the header of the template. All is well now :slight_smile:

Maybe if I have time I can go through and update the theme and submit a PR. I go back to teaching tomorrow, so my time will be somewhat limited again.

PR with updates to bootstrap would be awesome!