Documentation for a blog setup from scratch?

Is there any tutorial on how to set up a blog from scratch? I’m trying to get my head around the antimatter blog setup, but for a beginner I struggle a bit with all the parts and how they play together.

It’d be nice to have a basic tutorial that starts with how to get the listing page with full articles first, then perhaps change the full list to a list with summaries. Tags could be added next, then pagination and so on. This would help a lot to get your head around how everything fits together.

For example, antimatter does the following in blog_item.html.twig:

{% if page.header.continue_link is sameas(false) %}
{% elseif truncate and page.summary != page.content %}
{% elseif truncate %}
    {% if page.summary != page.content %}
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}
{% else %}
{% endif %} 

First I am not sure what the continue_link setting is for?

Also isn’t the second check for page.summary != page.content redundant? It should never be called with the truncate and page.summary != page.content a few lines before, right?

Why is show_prev_next only set true if the blog item is not truncated?

The only tutorial I know of is here. The best way to start is with a skeleton with sample content you can explore. The show_prev_next is only set to true because if the item is truncated, you’re in a list view, which is handled by the pagination plugin. If you’re looking at the full article, then you want the prev/next to appear at the bottom of the article.

what is difference between skeleton and theme? I think I missed it. :frowning:

A skeleton is just a theme with sample content. The theme is just the user/themes stuff (the templates and CSS). A skeleton includes the entire user folder, including user/pages and essential plugins. Not all theme developers take the time to also develop a skeleton. You’ll see there are 68 registered themes but only 40 registered skeletons.

aha! crystal clear. Thanks for your explanation :slight_smile:

Thanks, Perlkönig. I’ve read that “Tutorial”, but it mostly explains how collections work.

As for the example code snippet from the Antimatter theme above, am I wrong about the 2nd if page.summary != page.content being redundant? It should never be run, because the elseif truncate and page.summary != page.contenthits first?

Your logic is correct. I don’t know what the theme is trying to do there, but that code should never run, it is true.