Pagination of blog items

Hello guys,
I have a problem to paginate between the previous and following pages of articles. This is due to the changes I made in the content items of the blog. Indeed, I replaced (@ self.children) by @ self.modular: / home in then I added:
{% set options = { items: {’@self.children’:’’}, ‘limit’: page.header.bloglimit, ‘order’: {‘by’: ‘date’, ‘dir’: ‘desc’}, ‘pagination’: true } %}
{% set collectionblog = page.collection(options) %}
in blog-item.html.twig with :

{% if not page.isLast %}
        <a class="btn" href="{{ page.prevSibling.url }}"><i class="fa fa-angle-left"></i> {{ 'Precedent'|t }}</a>
{% endif %}

{% if not page.isFirst %}
    <a class="btn" href="{{ page.nextSibling.url }}">{{ 'Suivant'|t }} <i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i></a>
{% endif %}

the next and previous buttons block on the same page.
I really need your help please. :innocent:
images :

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@Sidy, I’m afraid there are a few things I do not understand:

  • What problem are you addressing?
  • What should the end result be/look like?
  • The question, especially the code snippets, isn’t formatted that clearly. I fail to make sense of it.

Please, help the community help you by making a question as clear as possible…

Hello, yes sorry I could only put one image.
This is a one page blog post. I would like to go from one article to another with the previous and next buttons but it gets stuck on the same page