Trouble with addon domain


I’ve setup a one-page site here: It works successfully.

Then, on CPanel, I added an addon domain: , which points to the above site, has trouble: no CSS, no images…

Are Grav sites dependent on the domain name? Do I have the possibility to make the site work on the both URLs?

Thanks for your help.

Actually this is an issue with cached configurations. It’s already fixed in GitHub and I hope to release 0.9.6 with this fix shortly.

thanks for your answer.
Till then, if I want to get it work only on the addon domain, I have to clear the cache and call the site to generate it on the addon domain, right?

Actually after you update Grav it should automatically regenerate the caches.

Ok released 0.9.6 is released with this fix:

thanks, works fine on both URLs now!