Missing cache of 'content' under the second domain


Have an issue with Grav 1.0.10.
Two virtual hosts with different domain points to the single Grav installation.

Under the second domain i get notice, that ‘content’ is empty.

However, if I do var inspection, there is the same content, but “key” in array is broken: it’s either empty, or with some grabled char as “a” with a roof.

I guess, it’s somehow related to the cache, that stores content under different keys, or cache retrieval is broken.

How to fix that?

Is it possible to test with Grav 1.1 RC? It’s pretty close to going final and being released as stable.

Have changed cache driver from apc to file, problem seems solved.
However, could try with 1.1RC, should I clone it from git branch? Or it’s installable via composer?

Just wait, Grav 1.1 is being released very very soon :slight_smile: