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Thank you for the excellent CMS. Please help me find where i can change the text like Continue Reading SimpleSearch, the name of the month (for example, JUL)? I need to translate them into Russian.

You will have to change those things in the twig templates for the theme. I can’t tell you exactly which file, because it really depends on the theme you are using.

Thanks for answer. I use blog site skeleton.

I would just poke through the antimatter/templates/ twig files and translate as needed.

OK, thanks a lot.

Also review the templates of the plugins (like the ones in user/plugin/simplesearch/templates if you can’t find them in your theme templates, and copy them there to make the changes.

It is also one of my first asking, but for french language
What will happen if I update the theme or a plugin, i will keep my modifs ?
possible to create custom twig file ?

If you want or have modified the twig files of your theme you should check this to create a child theme of the theme you are using instead of making changes directly in the folder:
Usually when you update a theme or plugin, all custom changes in css and templates get overwritten. Now, with the advent of the Admin Panel plugin, I think the css changes get written into a custom.css file that is kept even if the theme is updated but I don’t think that happends with .twig files. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Many thanks
this article need to be on the learning pages
What about translation of search in search box

It will depend on your theme and the plugin you are using for the search. Asuming you are using SimpleSearch (if you started with the blog skeleton you probably are), then you need to modify this template. Copy it and save it in your theme directory templates/partialfolder. Instead of placeholder="Search..." at line 1 of the file you could use, for example, placeholder={{ "SEARCH.PLACEHOLDER"|t }}... and add a languages.yaml to your theme directory with the translations for the variable like this:

  SEARCH.PLACEHOLDER: "Search translation to french"

More instructions on translating here: From this section onwards.

Theme Inheritance Documentation

this article need to be on the learning pages

Thanks and Thanks
the trick of
placeholder={{ “SEARCH.PLACEHOLDER”|t }}…
should be in the plugin ?

Not in the plugin folder, because it would be overwritten when you update the plugin. If you created a custom theme (by using inheritance, for example), put it twig file in the templates/partials/ folder in your theme folder.