Change Grav language

Maybe in the future, you could create a plugin of languages (if it doesn’t exist yet). Or you could explain me how to change most of the visible parts in the blog skeleton/antimatter theme. Thanks^^

Multi-language support is actually quite far reaching. It’s on our Grav Roadmap and will require some reworking of the Pages object to support multiple files, one for each language.

The other part is providing translation capabilities at the configuration and also at the theme level.

So, if I try to change manually all the visible docs in grav to my language, should it work? Thanks.

If you saying you want to have your pages in one language, yes, you can have them in any language you want. Just make sure you save your .md files in UTF8 format.


how can I change the language of a plugin? For example in SimpleSearch plugins, there is language.yaml. The template simplesearch~results.html.twig apply the variables defined in language.yaml. But, I don’t find and switcher for it. Does the plugins depend on the website language setting? If yes, how can I change it.

If the plugin supports translations (it will have either a languages.yaml or a languages/en.yaml etc) the language should get picked up automatically from the supported languages you have configured in system.yaml.

However the plugin must have that support first, and quite a few don’t yet because multi-language was added after many of the plugins were initially written.