Time to publish or unpublish one page


In this post How to set hide or visible page by the unpublished date, a few weeks ago, I raised the problem with the Publish and Unpublish options from the admin panel in Grav. At that time, the problem seemed to be fixed. But it still doesn’t work properly.

It might seem like a simple matter, with reference in the official Grav documentation, but if I set a page to be published one day at one hour and unpublished at another hour, it should be done easily, but it is not.
However, I propose two questions:

  1. When the Published (Yes / No) item is checked, the published or unpublished options do not work. It is as if the Published option overrides the rest.
  2. Does it have something to do with the cache being preserved for a long time so that these options are not automatically activated?

I hope this time you explained something better to me.
Thanks for your help, in advance.