Publish_date not working?

according to this page an item can be scheduled using the publish_date option. I have created an item with the following header :

title: 'Projet Jukidbox, bilan'
published: true
date: 10/10/2016 08:00
publish_date: 10/10/2016 08:00
        - jukidbox
        - jukidbox
        - bilan
    enabled: '1'
    format: short
author: Sylvain

and at the moment the item is displaying on my blog although, from what I understand it should not until the 10th of October. I have tried two different themes and both are acting the same way. Am I missing something ?


Maybe remove ‘published: true’? Not sure though…

Yeah. You can’t set the published flag if you want Grav to calculate it automatically.

Thanks paulhibbitts and Perlkönig I had assumed that published: true was combined by Grav with the publish_date but not, you have to remove it if you want grav to use it. Seems to work with your suggestion, thanks !

Correct published: true is a an all powerful override to force publication or unpubliication as the case may be.