Theme Inheritance with Quark theme and 1.4.0-beta.3


I’m using 1.4.0-beta.3 and the new Quark theme, and having issues with theme inheritance. It doesn’t seem to inherit the quark theme after following the directions for setting up an inherited theme (

Are there new steps that need to be followed for this?


did you create your theme with devtools? If so you might need to change the order of the themes.

See this github issue:


I didn’t use devtools, so they are ordered correctly, I think. I just found duplicate lines of code under a theme.yaml file in users/config/themes/. I removed it and it’s working but does not inherit any of the page classes from Quark.

For now, I’ll stick with an older theme for the inheritance.


It ‘should’ work, but this has not been tested yet. I’ll make sure I test it before the official release.


Using the new beta 1.4.0-rc.1

tried making a new theme with inheritance from Quark and got these two errors…

Template “@images/grav-logo.svg” is not defined in “partials/base.html.twig”

at line 42.

and at line 96

Solved the issue temporarily by directly linking the image lie this…


Hi @dezbat, I just tried this and the error seems to be avoided if you use the Quark as the named theme to extend in your mytheme.php file:

namespace Grav\Theme;

use Grav\Common\Theme;

class myTheme extends Quark

More info at:

Does doing the same solve your issue?

Theme Problem with Quark Inheritance

Hi @paulhibbitts — that works perfectly so far, many thanks…!


Got the same problem, and even with this fix it does not change , i still have a blank html with only my content but not the style. I was with antimatter before and want to switch my inheritance to quark. I tried to put directly quark and it’s working.

Here is my mytheme.php :

namespace Grav\Theme;
use Grav\Common\Theme;
// class Mytheme extends Antimatter
class Mytheme extends Quark
   // Some new methods, properties etc.

and my mytheme.yaml :

     type: ReadOnlyStream
         - user/themes/mytheme
         # - user/themes/antimatter
         - user/themes/quark 

Any idea ? Thanks in advance !

[Solved]Switch child theme from Antimatter to Quark

The solution is to copy the content in the quark.yaml to mytheme.yaml and then put the streams