Inheritance layout issue in Quark Theme

Hi everyone,
I like Grav, but I have an issue with Quark Theme. I tried inheriting with both with dev tools and without, but in every single case I mostly meet this problems:

  • the navbar gray and not transparent;
  • the body with very large column on the left as on the right.

So I think it’s a problem with spectre, but I didn’t touch anything, just follow instructions for inheritance on the official docs!
I’m searching for a solutions from months, so I’m asking you now, because without inheritance is hard to mantain the code.
Thanks a lot for your work and support.

To fix to your problem, copy the contents of user/themes/quark/quark.yaml to user/themes/[childtheme]/[childtheme].yaml and edit from there.

The problem is that inheritance in Grav isn’t true inheritance. When you create the child theme, the child theme’s config file clobbers the parent theme’s config file instead of merging with it.

I have a PR pending to remedy this.


It was so simple and so effective!
Thanks a lot: now it will be easier to mantain my site and still doing updates