[Solved]Switch child theme from Antimatter to Quark


I have created a child theme of antimatter using this tutorial here : https://learn.getgrav.org/themes/customization#theme-inheritance

I want to switch to Quark. Antimatter and quark have basically the same pages templates with same name. I just changed antimatter to quark in step 2 and 5, but it’s not working, i have the page only with html and no css is taken into account.

Why is that ? How can i switch easily to quark ? Thanks in advance

What do you mean with “not working”?
Is it giving some errors and not building the pages or it’s just rendering issues that need to be fixed due to the different layout and css classes?

I’m also looking into this, but I’m looking to do the opposite, create a child theme of quark and enhance it with modular pages I already developed for old websites. Also I would like to change the css to use bootstrap 4

Did you do this by hand?

Just in case you didn’t and by the date of your post, you may have been hit by the theme inheritance issue in devtools, which is easily fixed, and is patched in the current release.

I solved it finally i replied on another thread not open by me.

The solution was to copy everything from the quarck.yaml file and copy it in mytheme.yaml and then add the line written in the link i posted below. Thanks for the reply though !!

I’ve passed the issue to solved in the title

@foufrix: ... and then add the line written in the link i posted below.

Which link? Below is nothing. I just saw this and want to change from Antimatter to Quark. Failed when I first tried.

here :

hope it will do the trick for you as it did to me