Had to register to say thanks.

I spent the last week searching for a lightweight cms and after trying just about all the option available I was ready to give up.

It is about an hour after installing Grav and I have a development site up and running.

How I missed Grav I don’t know.

Glad your liking Grav so far Steven! I was in the same boat as you, trying everything out there, and finding they all fell short in some form or another. That is how Grav was born really, I just needed something that would satisfy my needs for a fast platform, that was infinitely extensible, but still easy to develop on and use day to day.

I had to add my thanks – I thanked rhukster in November but I wanted to repeat it since I feel that it’s important to highlight how great Grav is, and how efficient rhukster’s support is!

Also, I’m not a web developer and I learned so much about it from Grav development blog - it’s really useful. I’ve hesitated for years to start using git/code repositories but since I started reading the Grav blog, I’m using GitHub and Bitbucket.

I’ve tried literally over ten website engines and for me Grav is by far the best and what I have been looking for, that is: install an app, start writing the content in Markdown, and that’s it.