Thank You Team Grav!

Before I found you…
I was going back and forth between Joomla and Wordpress—but there was so much struggling to get things “right” and “working”. They felt heavy and complicated.

I’m not a developer. I am a designer.
I know a bit of php — enough to make edits.
I know a bit of js—enough to know it’s likely something I will never truly wrap my head around.
I would say CSS and Sass are where my coding skills are best.
Anything SQL drove me nuts.

But… TWIG and flat — that made so much sense to me.
First-time twigger and I’m hooked. I could easily figure out how to do so many things.

My new site is live - Today and the launch went way smoother than I could have expected.
I have a lot of tweaking to do. And there are likely many newbie mistakes…

But I love it and THANK YOU!!!

check it…


I use Wordpress and want to choose another system, thank you for this inforamtion.