@taxonomy.tag: foo ( is this already implemented ? )

Not getting any itens with this.
Taxonomy works fine if used on template but not on the .md header

items: @taxonomy.tag: foo

Did you define the taxonomy you are trying to use in your site.yaml? It should be defined in the list of taxonomies:

I have downloaded the fresh install of the grab-blog example. where all taxonomies are working fine.

I only edited the blog.md in pages and changed the line 10 from :

items: @self.children


items: @taxonomy.tag: photography

In my understanding it should show me some results, but nothing …

also tried

items: @taxonomy.tag: [architecture, photography]

Hmm that should work. We will look into it. Thanks

You need to obey the YAML rules (remove dots and you will get an idea):

. . items:
. . . . @taxonomy.category: blog

That is it Matias , thanks. Is actually very logical, but would be good to fix it on the documentation because there is all in the same line …

Docs have been updated. Thanks!