Category/tag descriptions

Hi Grav supporters,

I have searched around the documentation/forum/web for a way to add tag/category descriptions, and output them in a theme.

Any good hints?



This was asked in Slack by @RosemaryOrchard a while ago. I liked the idea and started building something.

I thought I had put it up on Github, but it seems I didn’t. I stopped work because I got stuck on a issue with routing, and there was something else I can’t quite remember that cast doubt on whether I could make something generally useful. I think I even forgot even to tell Rose, the original poster of the question.

I have something working I can put up for you. It’s a proof of concept plugin where you can set term metadata in a folder like user/pages/taxonomies// and it is exposed to templates like myterm.header.description. I got that working. I wish I could remember why I thought it was doomed …

Also there’s a Github issue in core for the concept, and you could show support perhaps by describing your use case!

I’m spitballing here, but Twig can already see the taxonomy of the page (via page.taxonomy.*), and it can also see variables in the site.yaml config (via*). Just create a map in your site.yaml that maps tags and categories to descriptions. No plugin required.

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Yup, that should do it :slight_smile: I was thinking (as I do!) of a fully fleshed taxonomy with arbitrary term properties. Am particularly interested in one day relating terms to each other, which is actually a big part of what distinguishes a taxonomy from a simple controlled vocab/list. “Taxonomy” is routinely malappropriated in the CMS world!

Indeed true. It should be relatively straightforward to create a plugin that processes a taxonomy definition and then produces various “related links” and stuff from there. I just don’t know enough about current practice to know where to start.