Collections: why does @taxonomy not work?


Can you help figure out why @taxonomy does not work? The other collections do!

I have two pages: Test (a blog list) and Item (a blog item, category: turnip). @self.children finds Item but @taxonomy.category: turnip does not.

I am using the grav-skeleton-supra-site without modification.

Many thanks

Ian Russell

The devil is in the details. We’d have to see the frontmatter of the offending pages.

Thank you for your help Perlkonig.

I am avoiding the frontmatter muddle by entering ‘@taxonomy:category’: turnip in the Items field on the BlogList tab.

To elaborate, using taxonomy to select pages can be confusing before you have worked out how to do it!

Sometimes my selectors in the front matter and the options tab were out of step. When there is a problem I start with one and check the other.


Ian Russell