Tag Manager Plugin breaks Grav

I am using the latest Grav. I have a few plugins installed and running well. Installing the Tag Manager plugin causes a PHP error trying to resolve the location of …/vendors/autoload.php. It seems to be looking for it in the plugin path. I looked at the code and compared it to a well functioning plugin, but could not figure out the issue. I am using the theme Quark with the blog addons from the skeleton package.

Questions? - Is this plugin useful (when it worked)? Does anyone use it now? Is anyone maintaining it (it has not been updated in 3 years)?


@bjaz, When posting a question, it is always helpful to:

If you know your stuff, a solution is provided in issue #1

Thank you. Some excellent points - I will try to post questions with more information in the future. I am not sure why I did not think to look at the repo issues. Excellent point. I am not an expert here, but will look into the Issue #1.

just for the record:
out of curiosity I just installed plugin tag manager and found out, the problem for the mentioned crash is the missing install of aura/autoload.
the solution is to just open a terminal in the plugin directory and then issue this command:

composer require aura/autoload

which, of course, implies you have composer installed.
after that, the plugin seems to work, see screenshot.

…additional note:
of course, a better solution (which eliminates the need to manually issue a composer require command) is to add aura/autoload to the file composer.json, so it will read

"require": {
    "php": ">=7.1.3",
    "aura/autoload": "^2.0"

in the appropriate section.
maybe I’ll create a pull request in the plugin github repo, although there seems to be little hope for this to be merged.

just a note for anyone who wants to use this plugin, here is my fork which contains aura/autoload incl. the necessary vendor folder, so it can be tested without having to fiddle with composer/missing files.
feedback is welcome, and, as stated above, I will then eventually create a pull request to the original author.

Wow. Thanks for the forked Repo and the fix. I downloaded it and installed it and it works great.

ok, fine to see it works for you.
I have now created this pull request for the Plugin author.
let’s see if there is any reaction…