Synchronizing local and server


I’m developing my site and most of my content in local for the moment. And now I’m at a stage where I would like to upload it to a server.
I’m guessing your not supposed to upload the whole GRAV backend you have in local to the server but rather unzip a fresh copy. But how can I sync properly the pages/themes/plugins/settings/…?

At the moment, I upload pages and my theme, but I often get errors and then some plugins are missing…or a configuration has changed…

I didn’t see any mention of it in your docs (if I missed it, my bad), what’s the proper way of uploading updates to my server?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is it through a backup?

The best approach is to install ‘Grav’ on both systems and then sync the user/ folder. If you are doing things properly, then all your modifications/configurations/themes/plugins are contained solely in user/ folder. It’s safe to sync this either directly or via an intermediary system such as GitHub.

Awesome. Thanks!

The Grav documentation and Blog is great, so just leaving a link to a relevant tutorial Pushing from repository on GitHub to live server: