Best practice site deployment?

Hi all,

I’m working on a private project and I’m a bit unsure of the best way to keep my local site and my hosted one synced and updated. At the moment I’m pushing my local grav user and theme folder to github and deploying the repo to my webserver. I manually update them. Does anyone know a better way to handle this?


My recommendation is to store you user/ folder in source control. You can use either GitHub or Bitbucket with private repo, but then you can easily keep track of local changes and automatically have the source control system push those changes automatically to your production site when you commit/push.

Read this blog post:

I host a bare git repo on my server and push to that with a post-receive hook that copies the repo to a working directory, which is my web directory under nginix. It’s been working pretty well. My only problem is that I have no way to integrate changes that a user makes on the live server back into git. Here’s an article on the subject: