Switching themes

Everytime I try to switch to another theme, I have this error message “default.html.twig is not defined”.
Any idea? Thanks a lot,

Themes are not mandated to support a particular set of page types with their Twig templates. If you have existing content, this can cause problems if you have pages that are expecting a template called default.html.twig to be in the theme, and it is not because the theme is say a blog theme that only has posts.html.twig.

Grav is not like WordPress where your content automatically works with your content no matter what. There is a much closer relationship between content and themes, and this is what enables Grav to be so flexible. For example, you can easily build a documentation site, or a one-page site, or a magazine, or a blog, or an LMS. This would not be possible if every theme had to support a set of standard page types.

@rhukster thank you for details, I understand that CMS better.
Then, I tried to install some Grav Skeleton packages (with admin plugin) to see the difference. Is it me or I noticed that many of those skeletons aren’t displayed exactly as in demos ?.. sometimes, CSS issues, sometimes menu…

it’s quite possible that the demo’s have not been updated with all the latest fixes that have happened in the github repos, and also in the skeletons which are updated periodically.

Also it could be possible, that a demo has been updated from the repo with a fix, but the skeleton has not been rereleased with said fix.

So yes, it’s entirely possible, even likely that these are a bit out of whack. When we get some time, we’ll make sure they are fully in sync.

thank you for your response, I’ll stay tuned ! :wink: