Themes settings

Dear all,

on my Grav site the Skeleton [Twenty] v1.7.1 + Plugin admin is working, but any other theme downloaded (as Scholar v3.0.2 or HPSTR v1.6.1), if activated make the web site down with the error:

ERROR: modular.html.twig template not found for page: / (HPSTR)


Server Error

Sorry, something went terribly wrong!

400 - Template “partials/what_links_here.html.twig” is not defined in “default.html.twig” at line 43.

The web site is hosted on a Windows Server 2019 running and Microsoft IIS 10

Thank you for your help

@maxim, Every theme can have its own unique templates defined. That means, that themes cannot always be swapped for any other theme. You may have to rename the filename of some pages to refer to the template of the new theme.

That’s strange: In the past, I was used to swap between different themes without any problem… maybe because the first theme has been downloaded as “skeleton” with Admin plugin and all the other as themes alone?