SVG not fully displayed with lightbox

I am trying to use lightbox with triangle.svg, when using


the small version just shown an SVG box icon svg
When you click on the icon the large overlay displays the correct picture
FYI The following 2 versions work perfectly


A mouse over the svg icon shows the path
‘user/pages/01.testpage/triangle.svg’ whereas if the jpg is used the path is cached image folder ‘/images/ …etc.’
Thanks in advance for your help

SVGs are not standard images, they don’t have built in dimensions, and when you set dimensions, you really are only setting canvas dimensions. That said, i’m not suprised you have issues, but as it’s vector anyway, a lightbox is not really a common scenario.

Thanks for that, it’s not a real problem. It was a potentially simple solution to show the diagram in more detail.
There are other ways I can get the same result.

I’d just like to add, I love Grav, I’m still trying to get my head around the various aspects
but it makes creating my site so simple.