Premium lightbox gallery not working

I am using the premium lightbox gallery plugin and the settings are the defaults like in this documentation.

The line with the picture is the following:

![Karte Emme](./p02-karteemme-grenzen-800px.jpg?lightbox&resize=500)

And I also tried it with this:

![Karte Emme](./p02-karteemme-grenzen-800px.jpg?lightbox=1024,768)

Grav shows the image like without the lightbox parameter, but on a click, no lightbox shows up. Also, in the DOM I can’t find a lightbox like it showed on the demo page.

Can someone say where the problem is? Thanks for helping.

This should be submitted to the Premium issue tracker

Try putting the image in the page folder so you don’t have the ./ in front of the image file…

Thank you, now it works. But can you say why this is? Because the image is still the same?

@chraebsli, As @Karmalakas, suggested, this should be handled at the Premium Issue tracker on Github.

Thank you for creating an issue on the tracker. The team now knows there might be an issue.

Please also feedback into the issue how the issue could be resolved.

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