Lightbox changes after upgrade to 0.9.16

Hi, after upgrading from 0.9.15 to 0.9.16 the lightbox shows a different behaviour. Now (in 0.9.16) instead of scaling the image to whatever I specified when viewing the page the image is scaled to 100% (i.e. it remains unscaled). It gets scaled to whatever I specified when clicking on it / opening it in the lightbox. That’s quite the opposite of what I’ve expected :slight_smile:

Lightbox did change a bit, but it actually fixed it because it was a little broken before. Can you please paste an example of your lightbox code in markdown or twig format?


thanks for your help. That’s what I’m using:

![foo Icon](foo.png?cropResize=500,500&lightbox){.float-right}


.float-right { 
	float: right;
	margin: 0 0 1rem 1rem;

foo.png is about 871x639.

Ok basically the lightbox attribute has to come first before the cropResize (or any other thumb manipulation). Anything before lightbox is applied to the lightbox, and anything after lightbox and before cropResize, is applied to the thumb. So:


Will apply sepia to a fullsize lightbox image of 1024x768, and a 200x200 thumb will be grayscale.

Great, works like a charm. Thanks!