Support for Featherlight Gallery

I need some help getting the Featherlight gallery to show “prev”/“next” buttons and to close an image once it has been clicked on. I am using antimatter theme.

Where should I go to get support?

If I were you I would search all open and closed issues in the Grav Featherlight Plugin repository and do the same with the featherlight.js repository.

I’ve got the same issue, since 2017… Have you found any solution?

I can’t help with Grav Featherlight Plugin as I never tried it.
But maybe you can try Unitegallery which works well and does what you asked for.

I have. I have done something to make it work. I will have a look and see what is making it go now. Sample

Have you try to use an external gallery?.

I use, in these two sites:

It’s very easy to integrate…

I didn’t try. I like things that should work does…