Featherlight no prev or next button

Hi! i’ve managed to get images in a lightbox, but there are no next or prev button, as if i had no gallery installed… The doc says : Simply include the extension CSS and JavaScript Files after the regular featherlight files like this, which means nothing to me (sorry if it seems obvious, i’m a newbie in those stuff… ) what shall i do exactly? put those lines in a file? in my pages?
Thank you!

Wish I could help you. I’m not much of a code person either. :slight_smile:

The skeleton that I installed had it included, that might help you?

I have the arrows, but my “gallery” doesn’t render nicely. It’s just a jumble of pictures slammed together. I assumed the Featherlight gallery would evenly space the images, possibly crop them? Am I missing something as well? I don’t think there’s a good example of what to expect from the Featherlight gallery option to know if this is the correct behavior or not. Any help would be appreciated.

Which skeleton is it? There’s an exemple of the gallery on the plug-in app.


I installed the Masonry theme

The theme required the Mediator Skeleton

I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and then just decided I was wasting my time. So I placed my images in an order of similar shapes to make it look a bit better, but obviously the “gallery” bit of Featherlight is not working. It looks nothing like the github example. I was just thinking I never saw an example of Featherlight working in Grav, that page is an example from the Featherlight page. I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

My non-working gallery page example:

Seems to be a gallery, but not featherlight… at least not in the plugins directory…

I installed featherlight through the admin panel.

So, I think that my assumption that the featherlight gallery would magically put my images in a grid is wrong. The gallery bit, may actually add the arrows that you’re missing. Do you have the admin panel plugin for Grav? If so, go to plugins > featherlight and there should be a button to enable the gallery. I believe it may default to off.

I already tried this : it’s worse : now i don’t have any lightbox at all but images opens in new tabs! Think i’ll open a bug post on git hub : you’re right, admin panel should have enabled gallery with arrows at first time…

Actually I had the same issue on a few projects so far. So is there anyone who found out how to wrap Images together so you can scroll through you images via next/prev button in Featherlight?
… seems to me as a very basic and common thing, right?

Posted an example titled “Featherlight Gallery Example”. See if this will work in your application. Tested on 3 different themes and it works well. However, not tested on a live site only on XAMPP.

Others may have a different set of suggestions.

The link to the page is: