[solved]Featherlight Gallery opens tabs and not a gallery

Hello! i’m unable to make a gallery in an article with featherlight : instead of animation, every image opens in a new tab… i’m stuck!
I use this syntax ![](P9300838.JPG?lightbox=1024&cropResize=200,200) wich normaly works…
Any help?
Thank you!

Hi slyholborn,

Are you sure you insert rel=“lightbox” in the link and set gallery parameter on in the settings ?


i’ve edited my post so one can read the link. Mine seems different from yours sten… It’s been months since it’s broken but in a previous version of grav (can’t remember which one) it worked
I’ll check that!

i also post my featherlight.yalm file

enabled: true
active: true
gallery: true
requirejs: true
openSpeed: '250'
closeSpeed: '250'
closeOnClick: anywhere
closeOnEsc: true
root: body
initTemplate: 'plugin://featherlight/js/featherlight.init.js'

Try setting
requirejs: false
should be working

Nearly! i can see next and previous arrows but it closes the picture when i click on it.

closeOnClick: background

It works great! Tank you very much! I thought requiring js was needed… An explanation?

As far as I understand
requirejs: true
is only for a specific usecase: look here
In most cases the standard settings are enough for plugin to work

i’ll check that thank you!