Suggestion for skeleton

Hello everyone, I would like to install a skeleton in order to use it to understand some things better.
(I specify that I have already installed grav admin on my machine)
Despite the few documentations available in French, I can’t apply the markdown commands to modify an image, I must be doing it wrong! Thanks for your suggestions.

@jefrey, I would suggest to use the Quark based skeletons ‘Blog Site’ and ‘One-Page Site’. These are based on the “standard” Quark template and are actively maintained by the Grav team.

thank you, my problem is how to proceed so that when I open grav, I can access the skeleton, but I take note of the skeletons that you advise me.

@jefrey, Not sure what your configuration looks like, but if folder /grav-admin is currently the root of your website, than you should replace all content from folder /grav-admin with the contents of the zip file downloaded.

Can you post the markdown commands you’ve tried?

@dan-james, I think the issue about the commands has already been fixed.

See Manage pages exist

Hello the image editing tests went well, I realize how simple it is to use, it’s perfect.

Thanks @pamtbaau, good to know.

Hello, I found solutions to load skeletons, I understand slowly, maybe this discussion could be deleted, because it is not very uninteresting, it must be said that when we learn a new software and we do not know much, and well we ask questions not very logical, you tell me how it is possible to delete a discussion, or make a request, please.