Install a Skeleton where I already have grav

I have a grav setup that I like and I want to place a skeleton page into the configuration. I am not sure how to do this without getting rid of everything else. Any ideas? I am new to grav and really to development so don’t mock me too much…

no mocking here :slight_smile:

The simplest way is to download the skeleton you want and simply copy the user/ folder from it an into your already setup Grav install (replacing the user folder).

Hello rhusker,
tried your Suggestion, but admin page looks sick now.

Another Question is how could Change the edit repository to my repo.
Best regards

Skeletons do not provide the Admin plugin. Simply copy the user/plugins/admin folder from the older user folder, or reinstall Admin

Thanks for that advice. It was the right direction. I had to copy also some other plugins Folder like Login … - now the admin plugin is working again. One thing is left, if I click, at the admin site, onto any plugin I get the message “Invalid Security Token”.

Take a look at

Thanks a lot it’s working now